It is a great pleasure for Ledsfactory to introduce the new LED tube “Megalux Meat” that is specially made for food industry making wider the range of meat illumination for butchery products. The new LED tube called “Megalux Meat” is joining the “FOOD” LED lighting family together with the “Megalux FRESH” LED and the LED “Megalux Food” tube making broader the lighting possibilities for our customers.

The LED “Megalux Meat” tube is bringing other characteristics when illuminating the meat because it contains a range of LEDS that have been modified with the specific technic characteristics in order to potentiate the red natural color of the meat, offering a fresh, appealing and attractive aspect.

LEDS in the Megalux Meat tube are a mix between white and red leds that generate a red intense light that enhance the red meat color and it is providing the right temperature and color that the product needs to be shown in its total naturality.

The color of the Megalux tubes are coming from the same Led without any filter. We are using a similar range of color technique characteristics in order to potentiate specific colors and to preserve others that we do not want to be modified, all this thanks to our experience and I&D in the sector.

As opposed to the competition in the Food LED industry, we have never painted the diffusers in order to “paint” the meat products in reds and pinks.

Each Food Megalux LED tube made by Ledsfactory is meeting the needs and requests of each customer, and we are offering a wide range of choices for each kind of alimentation product.

The LED tube “Megalux Meat” is the perfect substitute for the conventional tube “Promolux” type and it is available in a new size of 436 mm.