Siris II

Downlight Fish


Siris series is a recessed LED lighting with an integrated equipment all under Ledsfactory’s brand. Its external ring is made of white lacquered aluminium with a high efficency anodised aluminium reflector that offers an opening angle of 90ºX70º and it is adjustable up to 60 º. Thanks to the light’s design and its SLE LED provides a high visual comfort and it is anti-dazzle. It is endowed with a high purity molten aluminium heat sink which guarantees a perfect thermal management and the enlargement of LEDs’ lifetime.

 Code DW15330FHB DW15342FHB
 Intensity 700mA 1050mA
 Power 26W 40W
 Lumens 3000lm 4200lm
 Angle 90ºx70º 90ºx70º
 Voltage 220-240V AC 220-240V AC




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