Megalux FOOD Led Tube

Enhances the red colors of Meat

The Megalux Food tube is the first LED tube specially designed for lighting food that can be found in any butcher shop, groumet stores or charcuteries such as sausages or meats. It emits a pink light that enhances the color offering a fresher aspect to the meat.carne-01

With LED Megalux Food tube you will save up to a 60% in comparison with the common fluorescent tubes. Megalux Food led tube does not contain any polluting or toxic element such as mercury, lead, does not emit UV rays, have a good dissipation of the heat and the lowest temperature of the LED tube is making your fresh products even fresher.

All these factors are really important in food industry. Our replacement system will make easier changing your common fluorescent tube and the new LED Megalux tubes without need of making any other modification in your installation thanks to our fuse that replaces the former ignitor without affecting its consumption (ferromagnetic ballast). So easy! Moreover, our tubes feature a rotatory head of 180° that will allow the emission of light to be focused on a certain point.

Technical Data

Code Power(W) Tamaño(mm) Colour Frosted
 Lumen  lm/W
TL2031040P 11W  600mm  FOOD 935lm  95lm/W
TL2031540P 17W  900mm FOOD 1445lm  95lm/W
TL2032040P 20W 1200mm FOOD 1700lm  95lm/W
TL2032540P 24W 1500mm FOOD 2040lm  95lm/W



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