Megalux FRESH Led Tube

Ideal for White Meat, Cold Cuts and pre-cooked plates

Megalux Fresh is the first LED tube that is especially designed for food industry empowering products’ whites and pinks. With LED Megalux Meat tube you will save up to a 60% in comparison with the common fluorescent tubes. Megalux Meat led tube does not contain any polluting or toxic element such as mercury, lead, does not emit UV rays, has a good heat dissipation and the lowest temperature of the LED tube is making your fresh products even fresher. Moreover, it is helping to reduce the refrigeration temperature approx. 2 degrees in comparison with the conventional fluorescent lighting tubes.


Code Power(W) Sizes(mm) Color Frosted
 Lumen  lm/W
TL2151040P 11W  600mm FRESH 935lm  95lm/W
TL2151540P 17W  900mm FRESH 1445lm  95lm/W
TL2152040P 20W 1200mm FRESH 1700lm  95lm/W
TL2152540P 24W 1500mm FRESH 2040lm  95lm/W

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